Here are some of the decimal stamps that are hard to find – if they exist at all !

Centenary of Scouting with rare perforation

This set was issued on 19 February 2008. It consisted of 50c, $1.35 and $2 stamps. All 3 stamps were issued in sheets with both 13.9 x 13.9 and 13.9 x 14.6 perforations. The stamps with the 13.9 x 14.6 perf are quite rare. The $2 stamp was reprinted and released in 2 different minisheets on 14 March 2008 (pair) and 14 November 2008 (block of 4). These reprints were 13.9 x 14.6. Singles of the 50c and $1.35 are hard to find.

$1 Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday

A special digitally-printed variation of this stamp was released on 7 November 2016 in a minisheet attached to the 90th Birthday PNC. It cost $59.95 and only a quantity of 1926 were produced!! The stamp had thicker text than the original and was cancelled with a green foiled cancellation. Another variation that was only released cancelled. No known individual mint stamps or mint minisheets exist.

50c QE2 2006 reprint with yellow wattles

This stamp was issued on 13 April 2004 commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1954 Royal Tour. The wattle flowers were very pale yellow – mostly white. It was reprinted in the ‘Royal Visits to Australia’ prestige booklet released on 28 Feb 2006 with bright yellow wattle flowers and thick text. (Another reprint with an image closer to the original was released in November 2016 in a se-tenant minisheet.)

Large $2 Jewel Beetle stamp with integrated tab

The reprint of the $2 Jewel Beetle (Temognatha alternata) stamp in the 2016 Multisheet was not separated from the text insert by perforations. Only 250 Multisheets were released. The text on the reprint was thin and pale compared with the original stamp that was issued on 6 September 2016. Have you seen any postally used reprints?

Stamps with Printed Perforations

The first decimal stamps with printed perforations were released in the 150th Melbourne Cup prestige booklet on 1 November 2010. They were reprints of previously issued stamps: 50c Phar Lap, 55c Peter Pan, 45c Rising Fast & 45c Might and Power. They were in pairs on pages 15, 23, 27 & 35 respectively and each stamp had a 2010 microdate. Because these stamps have to be cut-out from the page they are deemed “Collectable Stamps” by Australia Post and hence are not valid for postage. A complete list of “Collectable Stamps” is available on my free publications website:

If you know of any other rare decimal stamps, please let me know.

David Mallen
Australian Stamp Variations

Co-author of the Australian Stamp Variations Catalogue 2011-2015
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