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Famous Train Journeys (1992)

By | Jan 23, 2014|Topicals or Thematics, Train Archive, Trains|

There is still something about a train journey which holds nostalgic memories for many people. Although many train services have disappeared for compelling political or economic, reasons largely due to the emergence of air transportation over longer distances, still others have adapted and survived to become listed as well known tourist services for a variety of reasons.

Topical Stamp Collecting: Christmas Angels

By | Oct 28, 2013|Angels on Stamps, Christmas Stamps, France & Colonies, Monaco, Portugal & Colonies, Religion on Stamps, Topicals or Thematics, Vatican City|

Angels, the messengers of God, have become an integral part of the Christmas story, because an angel was sent to tell Mary of her chosen role in the birth of baby Jesus. Nearly all world postal administrations have featured angels in Christmas stamp and stationery issues, some more than once.

Topical Stamps: Movie Moments

By | Oct 24, 2013|Articles, Films on Stamps, Topicals or Thematics|

Topical stamp issues: Captain Cook and the Pacific

By | Jun 13, 2013|Australia & Dependencies, British Commonwealth, Cook Islands, Explorers on Stamps, History, Maps on Stamps, Naval, New Zealand, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Topicals or Thematics|

Commonwealth Games on Stamps

By | Mar 28, 2013|Articles, History, Sports on Stamps, Topicals or Thematics|

World of Thematics: Chess

By | Mar 23, 2013|"The Stamp News", Articles, Chess on Stamps, Philatelic Publications, Topicals or Thematics|

Chess is the oldest of all games of pure mental skill – those in which the element of chance does not enter. Further, no game has been as influential in cultural history as chess. I was surprised that the ATA Topical Association chess check list comprised four full pages and featured stamps from practically every country in the world.

Cats on Stamps

By | Mar 17, 2013|Animals on Stamps, Articles, Cats on Stamps, Topicals or Thematics|

Cats are wonderful companions. Generally they are intelligent, affectionate and sensitive. The evolution of the cat began millions of years ago and today’s domestic cat may be a descendant of a wild African cat the Egyptians tamed perhaps as early as 3,500 B.C. By about 1500 B.C cats were sacred to the Egyptian goddess Pasht or Bastet – some sources think the name ‘puss’ is derived from the goddess’ name.

Thematics In Australia

By | Jan 29, 2013|History, Topicals or Thematics|

“Year of the Dog” on Stamps

By | Jan 6, 2013|Articles, Asia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (Corea), Topicals or Thematics|

Legend states that, when the great Buddha found enlightenment beside an old oak tree, he invited all the animals to

Australian Space Tracking Stations

By | Feb 21, 2008|Australia & Dependencies, Topicals or Thematics|

When I first began collecting stamps back in the late sixties ‘space’ was one of the ‘in’ topics.  It was the time of the ‘space race’ when people all around the world followed avidly the achievements of the Russian and United States space projects, each nation trying to outdo the other in space technology.

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