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Stamps of Finland: Fruit in the Garden (2014)

By | 3 days ago|Agriculture on Stamps, Designers, Finland, Fruit on Stamps, New Issues 2014, Scandinavia, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

The 2014 edition of stamp rolls is decorated with fruit. The Fruit in the Garden stamps feature three delicious homegrown

Stamps of Panama: Papal Issue (1964)

By | 5 days ago|Central America, De La Rue, Panama, Popes, Popes on Stamps, Religion on Stamps, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

This Papal Issue was designed by Mosdossy. Litho and Embossed. It was printed by De La Rue in Bogota and

Stamps of the Dominican Republic: Air Issue (1928)

By | 6 days ago|Aircraft on Stamps, Airmail Stamps, Airmails, Central America, Dominican Republic, Flight Archive, Maps on Stamps, Postal Carriers, Topicals or Thematics|

This 10c. ultramarine Dominican Republic Air stamp featured a plane and map showing air mail routes. A useful stamp for

Stamps of Imperial China: Dragon Issues (1897)

By | 1 week ago|Asia, China, Chinese Empire, Classic Stamps, Dragons on Stamps, Fish on Stamps, History, Japan, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

I love the Dragon Issues! Is it because I like dragons or the fact I am fascinated by Imperial China?

Stamps of Antigua: Martello Tower Definitives (1953)

By | 1 week ago|Antigua, British Commonwealth, British Empire, British West Indies, De La Rue, King George V, Printers, Queen Elizabeth, Topicals or Thematics|

The British Caribbean dollar had been adopted in Antigua in 1951, but King george VI had died before a decimal

The British Solomon Islands: A Small Group for the Moderate Specialist (1910)

By | 1 week ago|British Solomon Islands, Pacific Islands, Solomon Islands|

This article was originally published in "The Postage Stamp", 15 October 1910. For the collector who, whilst maintaining his interest

Pitcairn Islands Stamps: Breadfruit Saga (2015)

By | 2 weeks ago|Fruit on Stamps, History, New Issues 2015, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Ship's Mail, Shipping Archive, Ships, Ships on Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

Pitcairn Island Post has prepared for releasing a special set of stamps that is devoted to the Breadfruit Saga –

Stamps of Sweden: Swedish Royal Theatre (1973)

By | Jun 17, 2017|Engravers, Scandinavia, Slania, Stamp Profiles, Sweden, Theatres on Stamps, Topicals or Thematics|

This issue celebrated the Bicentenary of the Swedish Royal Theatre. Engraved by A. Wallhorn (75 o) and C. Slania (1

Stamps of Latvia: Waterlilies (2016)

By | Jun 13, 2017|Baltic States, Flowers on Stamps, Latvia, New Issues 2016, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

Waterlilies are considered by many to be the jewels of the pond. Not only are they beautiful to look at,

Stamps of Bosnia Herzegovina: Think Green ! (2016)

By | Jun 12, 2017|Balkans, Bicycles on Stamps, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Conservation, Croatia, Environment on Stamps, Europa on Stamps, New Issues 2016, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

Every year under the aegis of PostEurop, special stamps with the EUROPA logo are issued that have a unique central

Flood Relief Stamps overprinted for Air use in French POs in Tangier (1929)

By | Jun 11, 2017|Africa, Animals on Stamps, Camels on Stamps, Designers, France & Colonies, Overprints, Stamp Profiles, Tangier, Topicals or Thematics|

these stamps were originally for Flood Relief in French Morocco (July 26, 1929. 5c. blue: Moorish tribesmen 25c.vermilion: Moor ploughing

Stamps of Romania: Congress of Journalists (1920)

By | Jun 10, 2017|Balkans, Cinderellas, Journalism on Stamps, Overprints, Romania, Royalty, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

The "Bust mare" issue was overprinted in 1920 for the occasion of the Congress of journalists in Transylvania and Banat,

Stamps of Austria: Royal Crown Issue! (2016)

By | Jun 9, 2017|Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Crowns on Stamps, Hats on Stamps, History, New Issues 2016, Religion on Stamps, Royalty, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics|

The Archducal Hat is one of the brightest royal symbols of Austria. In 2016 the actual crown of Austria will

Map of French Indo-China (1886)

By | Jun 8, 2017|Asia, Cambodia, France & Colonies, History, Maps|

This map will be very helpful to collectors of French Indo-China, especially if your interests include the postal history of

Stamps of Croatia: Storm Division (1945)

By | Jun 5, 2017|Balkans, Croatia, Designers, Military, Soldiers on Stamps, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics, World War II|

This issue celebrated he Creation of the Croatian Storm Division on 9th October, 1944. Designed by Ivo Režek. Litho. Printed

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