Imperial Airways Map (1935)

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April 1935 map showing Imperial Airways' routes to Australia and South Africa

Ballon Monté

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A French expression meaning “balloon with pilot”. It can be found on mail […]

Stamps of Russia: Air Mail Congress (1927)

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Stamps of the Netherlands: Special Flights Issue (1966)

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Stamps of Norway: First North Sea flight Issue (1944)

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Stamps of Paraguay: Zeppelin Issue (1933)

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There is a certain romance about zeppelins and their stamps are eagerly sought by collectors. This issue from Paraguay consisted of five stamps released on May 6 1933.

Stamps of Austria: Vienna Airmail Exhibition Issue (1968)

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Stamps of Austria: Airmail Exhibition Issue (1968)

Pan Am Airlines: As Luck Would Have It

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Chile: The Airmails (1927-1937)

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This article tracks the first ten years of Chile airmail, from the inaugural pioneer official airmail services between Santiago and Valparaiso in 1927 to the subsequent links to the United States and Europe.

“All-Up” Mails

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Periodically, reference is made in ”The Aero Field” to “All–Up” mails and the term appears to have puzzled some new collectors for the publishers have had several requests for an explanation. As the few that have written are probably only a small proportion of those who have been mystified the following notes may be of use to many readers.

Stamps of Peru: Airmail Issue (1934)

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This attractive airmail issue of Peru was recess printed by Waterlow and Sons. Perf. 12 1/2. There were two stamps in the set. 2s. blue and 5s. brown. They featured a Fairley fighter and were issued February 1, 1934.

Sweden’s First Air Mail Stamp

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