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Postal History: Charles Dana Gibson Illustrator 1868-1944

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Stamps of Christmas Island: Red Crab Migration (2014)

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Additional Information on HMAS Sydney

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Prompted by Tony Lyon’s interesting article on this subject I decided to comment on several points raised and add information about other Sydney mail known to me.

The navy has always been security conscious in times of war and generally it is impossible to identify the ship from which the mail was sent. Nevertheless sufficient items exist for an interesting study and I am currently working on a postal history of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).


Stamps of Australia: George V Stamps (2014)

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New Zealand: A Sad Story Behind a Cover

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Published by kind permission of the author.

Before telling the story behind the fascinating cover illustrated, a description is necessary...

Railway Map of Western Australia (1909)

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Stamps of Australia: Peace and Victory Issue (1946)

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Stamps of Australia: Airmail (1929)

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Stamps of the Australian Antarctic Territory: First Issue(1957)

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Stamps of Australia: Queen’s Birthday (2014)

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Stamps of Nauru: Flowers Issue (1986)

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Stamps of Victoria: Hospital Charity (1897)

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Stamps of Australia: 5/- Harbour Bridge (1932)

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5s Bridge

Stamps of Australia: 6d. Kookaburra Issue (1914)

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6d Kooka 1914

Fingal Post Office, Tasmania 7214, Australia (2014)

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Stamps of Victoria: Boer War Patriotic Fund (1900)

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Victoria Boer War

Imperial Airways Map (1935)

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April 1935 map showing Imperial Airways' routes to Australia and South Africa

Stamps of Australia: Australian Orchids (2014)

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