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France & Colonies

Map of Mayotte (Comoros Group)

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Stamps of France: Travelling Post Office Issue (1944)

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Stamps of Syria: Alexandretta (1938)

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Stamps of France: French Sailing Ships (1972)

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Stamps of France: Stamp Day (1972)

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Stamps of France: Winter Relief Fund (1941)

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Stamps of France: French Revolution Anniversary (1939)

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Stamps of Senegambia and Niger (1903-6)

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Map of Africa (1907)

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Stamps of Vietnam: Annam and Tonquin

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Stamps of France: Twentieth Century – but Limited

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In 1900, France issued the Liberty, Equality, Fraternity stamps and started using many new cancel formats. Some literature on French cancellations stops naming (Type 16, Type of 1885, etc.) cancels at this point. This article reviews a few of the more interesting ones from the early 20th century.

Stamps of New Caledonia: Tokyo Olympics (1964)

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The Chief Post Office Algiers, Algeria ( built 1910)

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The Kon-Tiki Expedition

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Stamps of France: Cats and Dogs (1999)

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