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French West Africa

Stamps of Gabon: Flowers Issue (1964)

By |July 15th, 2013|

This flower set from Gabon was released November 16, 1964. The 3f. featured Dissotis rotundifolia, the 5f. Gloriosa superba and the 15f. Eulophia horsfallii. Designed by P. Lambert and Photo.

Stamps of Togo: Anti-Malaria Issue (1962)

By |July 11th, 2013|

This anti-Malaria issue was released June 2, 1962. The design by C. Bottiau shows a mosuito pierced by arrows, printed in dark red, blue, dark blue and grey-green. Background colours are: 10 Fr. light green, 25 Fr. mauve, 30 Fr. yellow, 85 Fr. sky blue.

Stamps of French West Africa: International Exhibition for Wildlife Protection, Paris, May 1955

By |January 28th, 2013|

Stamp-French-West-Africa-Wildlife-Chimpanzee-ex We tend to think of wildlife protection as being a fairly contemporary phenomenon. But here are two early fine stamps, issued May 2, 1955, by French West Africa for the International Wildlife Protection Exhibition in Paris that month.