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North America Maps

North & Central America Map (Strand Album 1908)

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Canada (East) and Newfoundland Map (1935)

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United States Maps: North Carolina (1925)

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Railway Service Map of Michigan 1898

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Map of Spanish Colonies in the Americas

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Map of Canada (1886-89)

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Central America Map (1892)

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Canada and Newfoundland Map (1935)

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Anegada, British Virgin Islands Map (1832)

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South America – North and Central Map (1935)

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U.S.A & Mexico Map (Lincoln Stamp Album 1899)

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Mexico Map (1850)

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Canada Map (1949)

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Newfoundland & Labrador Map (1966)

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Canadian First Flight Covers

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The first air mail flight in Canada was from Montreal to Toronto on June 24th 1918. It was made by Captain Brian Peck from the Royal Air Force training school at Leaside, outside Toronto.