Stamps of Peru: President Bustamante Issue (2011)

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The Kon-Tiki Expedition

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Stamps of Peru: Airmail Issue (1934)

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This attractive airmail issue of Peru was recess printed by Waterlow and Sons. Perf. 12 1/2. There were two stamps in the set. 2s. blue and 5s. brown. They featured a Fairley fighter and were issued February 1, 1934.

Video: Discover Peru with Stamps

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Here’s a very useful video for collectors of Peru, produced by the American […]

Railway Systems of the World (1957)

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The following article was first published in the "Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia" (1957) and is a sound introduction to the various different railway systems around the world at the time.

The Peruvian Surcharges (1895)

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The following was first published in The MetropoIitan Philatelist (April, 1896). Through the courtesy […]

Stamp Issues of Peru (1858-1909)

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This article endeavours to give a philatelic history of Peru from the mid-nineteenth- century, […]

Tarapaca, Peru Map (1851)

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