Stamps of Peru: President Bustamante Issue (2011)

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The Kon-Tiki Expedition

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Stamps of Peru: Airmail Issue (1934)

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This attractive airmail issue of Peru was recess printed by Waterlow and Sons. Perf. 12 1/2. There were two stamps in the set. 2s. blue and 5s. brown. They featured a Fairley fighter and were issued February 1, 1934.

Video: Discover Peru with Stamps

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Railway Systems of the World (1957)

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The following article was first published in the "Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia" (1957) and is a sound introduction to the various different railway systems around the world at the time.

The Peruvian Surcharges (1895)

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The following was first published in The MetropoIitan Philatelist (April, 1896).

Through the courtesy of the Staten Island Philatelic Society we are enabled to publish the official decree, authorizing the issue of the new stamps surcharged with the portrait bust of General Morales Bermúdez. We reprint the original Spanish as furnished, and follow with our translation.


Stamp Issues of Peru (1858-1909)

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This article endeavours to give a philatelic history of Peru from the mid-nineteenth- century, with reference to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and description of the early issues. It also contains useful historical information pertaining to Peru at this period.

Much of this article is based on a paper given by A. De La Torre Bueno in Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News (c.1912).

Not until 1857, nearly a score of years after the first official issues of stamps had seen the light of day, did Peru join the ranks of the Governments with regularly established postal systems.


Tarapaca, Peru Map (1851)

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