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United States

U.S. Post Offices: Columbus, New Mexico (1916)

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United States Stamps: Swallowtail Butterfly (2015)

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Postal History: Charles Dana Gibson Illustrator 1868-1944

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United States Stamps: Penguins (2015)

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U.S. Post Offices: Ponsford, Minnesota (2012)

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U.S. Post Office and Courthouse: Alexandria, Virginia (1918)

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Stamps of the United States: Songbirds (2014)

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Special Olympics World Games Stamp (2015)

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United States Maps: North Carolina (1925)

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United States Post Offices: Hopkinsville, Kentucky (1926)

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Newfoundland Miscellanea

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In many ways Newfoundland is a most exciting philatelic area. Some of the classic issues are rarities (many have unfortunately been forged).

Later issues frequently have most interesting designs featuring Newfoundland's history, natural surroundings and economic activities.

Railway Service Map of Michigan 1898

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United States Post Offices: Palm City, Florida (1912)

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United States Mail Delivery (c. 1905)

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United States Stamps: Vintage Rose and Tulip Issue (2015)

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To add a special touch to Valentine’s Day, the Postal Service dedicated two stamps for couples planning to step up to the altar.