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West Africa

Africa and Cape Colony Map (Gall and Inglis 1871)

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The Stamps of West Africa

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This article is based on an article, which originally appeared in the "Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly", October 28, 1911.

Stamps of Tristan da Cunha: Augustus Earle (2014)

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Stamps of Ascension: Bicentenary of British Settlement (2014)

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Map showing Locations of St. Helena and Ascension in Atlantic

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Postcards: View of Cabinda, Portuguese Congo (1909)

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Maps of German Colonies: Cameroon (1888)

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Stamps of Tristan da Cunha: Christmas Issue (2013)

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Contemporary Map of Burkina Faso, West Africa

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Royal Mail Ship: St. Helena

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Tristan da Cunha: The Stampless Island (1909)

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255486603_7d4a9222d6 As a member of the West Africa Study Circle, I was pleased to find this interesting article, which originally appeared in "The Postage Stamp" (October 9, 2909).

Video: Tristan da Cunha

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Postal Vans: Nigeria

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Stamps of Mali: Timbuktu – Africa’s Cultural Treasure

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Postcard: Bamako Post Office, French Sudan (1910)

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