Rare Australian Decimal Stamp Variations

By David Mallen

Here are some of the decimal stamps that are hard to find – if they exist at all ! The personalised “Stamplet” This digitally-printed 55 x 55mm ‘minisheet’ containing a single 60c National Service Memorial


Stamps of Greece: Airmail Issue (1926)

By | Feb 7, 2017|

The first Greek airmail stamps were produced in October 1926 to repay postage on mail carried by the Aeroespresso Company. A set of four stamps

Stamps of Finland: 20th Anniversary of Air Mail Service (1944)

By | Feb 6, 2017|

This 3.m. 50 brown Air stamp celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Air Mail Service in Finland. It showed a Douglas DC 2 mail plane.

Stamps of Algeria: World Meteorological Day (1966)

By | Feb 2, 2017|

This image shows the Special Sheet issued by Algeria for World Meteorological Day in 1966. It featured various meteorological instruments..ed Designed by A. Khodja. Recess.

Straits Settlements: First Issues (1867-72)

By | Jan 30, 2017|

When the Settlements became a crown colony in 1867, they began issuing their own stamps, not least because they adopted a currency based on 96

Stamps of Crete: Provisional Overprints (1900-1901)

By | Jan 29, 2017|

These provisional overprints were overprinted in black or red on the 1900 Crete issue, which celebrated Prince George becoming the Governor of the island. They

Stamps of Panama: Registration Issue (1904)

By | Jan 27, 2017|

This image shows part of a sheet of the Registration Stamps of 1904. Recess printed by the American Bank Note Co., New York. Perf 12

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