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Thursday, July 2nd

Newfoundland Miscellanea

In many ways Newfoundland is a most exciting philatelic area. Some of the classic issues are rarities (many have unfortunately been forged).

Later issues frequently have most interesting designs featuring Newfoundland's history, natural surroundings and economic activities.

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“Stamp Collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens and in innumerable ways, enriches our lives”
President Roosevelt

Stamp Profiles


Stamps of China: Wuhan University Anniversary (2013)


Stamps of Italy: 17th Milan Fair (1936)

Stamps of Saxony: 3 neugroschen (1863)

Shipping Postcard: Dominion Line Mail Steamer

Galapagos Post Office

Royal Mail Steamer “Oruba” (1910)

Stamps of Alderney: Winter Wonderland (2011)

Postcard: Laurenco Marques, Portuguese Mozambique (1905)