Labour Day U.S.C.S. 456 Cachet: King of 1934 Cachets (1935)

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Topical Stamps: Movie Moments

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In the early 1890s, inventors on both side of the Atlantic were on the brink of showing the first moving photographs. Still photography was well established, but the challenge was to invent a machine that would take and show a succession of photographic frames.

Stamps of Mali: Timbuktu – Africa’s Cultural Treasure

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New Zealand Mail from the UK in the 1880s

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In the 1880s, postal communication between New Zealand and United Kingdom was principally by way of San Francisco, using the U.S.S. Co. steamers, and the direct route using the New Zealand Shipping Co., and Shaw Savill and Albion Royal Mail steamers.

Victoria Land (1913)

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The Philately of the Edwardian Era as shown in its Literature

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Late Fee Cancels of Australia (1963)

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Andorra: A Shopping Mall Country

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In the 1970s I spent most of my summer holidays in the south of France. At that time Radio Andorra was a major radio station in that part of the world dishing out a variety of popular music with a distinctly Spanish flavour. I tuned in on a daily basis but never realized my dream of visiting the tiny principality nestled high up in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France...

The Rattlesnake Island Local Post

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The Story of the SS Ancon

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In 1939 the Panama Line, an adjunct to the Railway Co., renewed its fleet of merchant vessels. The second of three to be commissioned was the ANCON. Her Maiden Voyage, originally scheduled to begin on 6 July, actually began on 22 June 1939.

Stamps of the Island of Timor

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The decline of the Portuguese Empire and the rise of Dutch and British mercantile interests in the East led to the isolation and neglect of Portuguese outposts, none more so than Timor.

The Lost Islands of Oceania

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Stamps of Czechoslovakia: The Allegory of the Chainbreaker

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Highly-informative article by W. L. Russell on the popular “Chainbreaker” issues of Czechoslovakia. It gives detailed lists of the amounts printed and finally issued. There is even a useful list of the plate flaws.

The Philippine Islands (1913)

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The Poisoned Postage Stamps: An American Story (1872)

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Here’s a fascinating article I discovered in The Stamp Collector’s Magazine (UK) published October 1, 1872. Poisoned Postage Stamps? Who could resist it?

Who’s Who on the Stamps of Costa Rica: Juan Rafael Mora Issue (1901)

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stamp_costa_rica_1903_juan_rafael_mora Juan Rafael Mora was born in San José, Costa Rica on February 8, 1814. His primary education in that locality ended with his fifteenth year when his father provided him with employment.

Focus on Forgeries: 1914 Merode Monument “Red Cross” Semipostals, Scott B28-30

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Berlin: Underground Electric Mail Roads (1909)

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This short article was published in the "Madrid Philatelico" in 1909: The "Madrid Philatelico" says that the postal service of Berlin is so overloaded with work that the authorities project the construction of two underground electric lines to be used exclusively for letter carrying...