these stamps were originally for Flood Relief in French Morocco (July 26, 1929.

5c. blue: Moorish tribesmen

25c.vermilion: Moor ploughing with camel and donkey

5c. scarlet: Caravan near Saffi

75c. orange-brown: Walls of Marrakesh

80c. green: Sheep grazing at Azrou

1f. orange: Gateway at Fez

If. 50c blue: Aerial view of Tangier

2f. chocolate: Aerial view of Casablanca

3f.purple: Storks at Rabat

5f. Grey-black: “La Hedia”, a Moorish settlement.

They were sold at twice face value.

Designed by Marchisio from photographs by Flandrin.

Perf. 13 1/2.

The stamps featured above became Air stamps, having overprinted Tangier for use in French POs in Tangiers.

Released February 1, 1929