Philatelic Gingerbread

The American Topical Association is spreading holiday cheer with a gift for members and nonmembers alike. Log onto to download a list of stamps depicting gingerbread, an article about gingerbread on stamps, and activity sheets for all ages. The free offer continues through December.

“We were inspired by the beautiful new U.S. stamps picturing gingerbread houses,” said Vera Felts, ATA executive director, who is also known for baking lots of gingerbread. Part of the downloadable gift is an article she wrote about philatelic gingerbread for the APS journal, American Philatelist, in 2006.

The newly developed five-page checklist includes stamps and other philatelic items that picture gingerbread. The list can be searched by country, issue date or Scott number, and there is a description of each item. Stamps that show gingerbread ingredients, such as ginger and cinnamon, are listed separately.

Topical Tidbits, a regular website feature primarily geared to youth, is loaded with artwork and games that feature gingerbread. Printed, it will make a nice gift for a young philatelist. The edition was created by ATA youth program volunteer Aimee Devine. The latest edition boosts ATA’s free youth philatelic offerings to a total of 294 pages. Check them out at