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Picture Perfect: New Zealand 1898-1908

By |2019-07-30T09:54:14+10:00Jul 22, 2019|Birds on Stamps, British Commonwealth, British Empire, Classic Stamps, Errors, Feature, New Zealand, Overprints, Pacific Islands, Perforations, Rarities, Revenues, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics, Venezuela, Waterlow|

Two different printers, three different platemakers and four different papers, not to mention famous errors and perforation varieties. Is this the ultimate turn-of-the-century collectable?

Railway Newspaper Parcel Stamps of Rhodesia

By |2018-06-05T11:12:03+10:00Jul 5, 2018|British Guiana, Cinderellas, Congo Free State, History, Local Posts, Mozambique, Newspaper Stamps, Portugal & Colonies, Railroads or Railways, Railway Stamps, Railways, Rhodesia, South Africa, Stamp Profiles, Topicals or Thematics, Train Archive, Trains, Transport|

This article was written by American philatelist C.C. Lance in 1938 and was originally titled "Railroad Stamps of Rhodesia". In

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