With the Wedding of Prince Albert this year, many of us are reminded of the last royal wedding in Monaco of his parents wedding and coronation in 1956. These stamps were very popular and the lower denominations can often be found in children’s albums of the period.

These attractive stamps showed Prince Rainier III and the beautiful American actress Grace Kelly. Designed by Detaille from a photo by Jules Piel and Gravure printed by B. Minne. They were issued on April 19, 1956. Perf. 13.

There were five stamps:

1 franc dark green (15,000,000 sold)

2 franc dark carmine (7,100, 000 sold)

3 franc blue (6,200,000 sold)

5 franc bright yellow green (5,000,000 sold)

15 franc reddish-brown (2,700,000 sold)

There was also a miniature sheet.