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Philatelic Wordsearch: July 2016

Stamps of Colombia: Orchids Issue (1947)

This attractive set of six stamps featured Colombian Orchids: 1c. Masdevallia nicterina 2c. Miltonia vexillaria 5c. Cattleya dowiana aurea 5c. Cattleya chocoensis 5c. Odontoglossum crispum 10c. Cattleya labiata trianae Frames recess.

Stamps of Uruguay: The Eastern Republic (1866-94)

This article was written by C.A. Howes in 1911 and should prove useful to collectors of the following period. The "Eastern Republic of Uruguay," whose full name has generally appeared on its stamps, is the smallest of the South American republics but has nevertheless loomed large in the eyes of stamp collectors.

Stamps of Bulgaria: Tsar Boris III (1937)

This imperf sheet celebrated the 19th Aniversary of Tsar Boris III's accession. Designed by A.

Stamps of Uruguay: Buenos Aires Conference Centenary (1913)

This overprint celebrated the Centenary of the Buenos Aires Conference of 1813. Litho.

Stamps of Crete: Provisional Overprints (1900-1901)

These provisional overprints were overprinted in black or red on the 1900 Crete issue, which celebrated Prince George becoming the Governor of the island. They were on very fine paper. Perf 14.

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Turkish (Ottoman) Empire Map (Lincoln Stamp Album 1899)

Here is an extremely useful map from our Archives for Ottoman specialists.

Map of Canada (1886-89)

Map of the provinces and territories of Canada as they were between 1886 and 1889. In 1886, the District of Keewatin's southwestern border was adjusted. In 1889, the disputed area between Manitoba and Ontario was generally granted to Ontario, with some going to the District of Keewatin, and Manitoba getting none. A useful map for collectors of Canada and postal historians...

Railway Map of Bohemia (1883)

This very detailed map shows the rail network of Bohemia in or shortly before 1883. A must for postmark and TPO collectors of the area...

Map of Bolivia showing Departments

Bolivia is a unitary state consisting of nine departments. Departments are the primary subdivisions of Bolivia, and possess certain rights under the Constitution of Bolivia. Each department is represented in the federal Plurinational Legislative Assembly—a bicameral legislature consisting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

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Rhodesian Study Circle

The Rhodesian Study Circle was formed in 1948 following advertisements in the philatelic press in England and South Africa by Wilfrid Nodder, inviting "collectors of the stamps of Southern and Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland" to join in forming a study circle. The aims were to encourage interest in the stamp issues, circulate information about varieties, flaws and postmarks and to write a handbook. A detailed history by A Drysdall and C M Hoffman to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the RSC is available free to members. Meetings and Events Regular meetings are held in: London, Manchester and Scotland. U.S.A.

Belgian Congo Study Circle


American Topical Association (ATA)

The American Topical Association (ATA) serves members in 65 countries. It is the largest philatelic society devoted to this specific area of stamp collecting. Organized in 1949, the ATA has over 56 years of service to its members.

Austria Philatelic Society (US) (AUSPS)