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Sunday, July 5th


“Stamp Collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens and in innumerable ways, enriches our lives”
President Roosevelt

Postal History

Zeppelin Mail

From time to time, auction houses offer Zeppelin covers from the Belgian Congo. The price paid for such items is generally far higher than similar covers from the Netherlands or even Belgium - the reason being that between 1932 and 1939 only 15 flights carried mail originating from the Congo.

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Stamps of Italy: International Railway Congress (1975)

1937 Color Newsreel Report: The Hindenburg Burning

Stamps of Italy: Graf Zeppelin Issue (1933)

Nicaragua: the First Airmail Stamps

Apart from the early overprints in 1929, the first airmail stamp design for Nicaragua was the well known ‘aeroplanes flying over the volcano of Momotombo’. Now the American Navy was in Nicaragua at the time for reasons to prop up the regime and they had one aeroplane a DH-4s.

United States Precancels (1911)

British Empire Exhibition Souvenir Telegram (1925)

United States Mail Delivery (c. 1905)

Stamps of Great Britain: Waterloo Anniversary (2015)