Stamps of Finland: Fruit in the Garden (2014)

By | 3 days ago|

The 2014 edition of stamp rolls is decorated with fruit. The Fruit in the Garden stamps feature three delicious homegrown varieties: pear, apple and cherry.

New York-Cuba Shipping Line (1909)

By | 4 days ago|

This is an image of an Advertisement from the 1909 Stark's Guide Book & History of British Guiana. It shows the ports of call for

Stamps of Panama: Papal Issue (1964)

By | 5 days ago|

This Papal Issue was designed by Mosdossy. Litho and Embossed. It was printed by De La Rue in Bogota and featured Pope John XXIII and

Stamps of the Dominican Republic: Air Issue (1928)

By | 6 days ago|

This 10c. ultramarine Dominican Republic Air stamp featured a plane and map showing air mail routes. A useful stamp for topical collectors who specialise in

Stamps of Imperial China: Dragon Issues (1897)

By | 1 week ago|

I love the Dragon Issues! Is it because I like dragons or the fact I am fascinated by Imperial China? Probably a bit of both.

Stamps of Antigua: Martello Tower Definitives (1953)

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The British Caribbean dollar had been adopted in Antigua in 1951, but King george VI had died before a decimal definive series ould be prepared.

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