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Philatelic Wordsearch: August 2016

Philatelic Wordsearch: July 2016

Stamps of Ireland: Postage Dues First Issues (1925)

Ireland 1925 postage due set

Stamps of St. Vincent: £1 Purple & Black (1938)

The colonial meblem, showing female allegories of peace and justice, first appeared on the stamps of St.

Stamps of Cayman islands: George VI 5/- (1938)

A pictorial definitive series, with the profile of King george V inset, was recess printed by Waterlow in 1935. A new series, recess printed by Waterlow or De La Rue, appeared in 1938 with the portrait o King george VI.

Guam: The First Issue (1899)

The island of Guam, formerly administered as part of the Spanish Philippine Islands, was occupied by American troops in 1899 during the Spanish-American War.

Stamps of Aden: George VI Definitives (1939-48)

The King George VI definitives of Aden featured scenes of the area, dhows and even camels. Recess printed by Waterlow & Sons. Wmk. Mult.

Stamp Collecting Terms

British West Indies: Map of Antigua (1888)

Here is a good clear map of Antigua in 18888. Postal historians, please note. Image extracted from page 158 of volume 2 of A Historical Geography of the British Colonies, by Charles P. Lucas. Original held and digitised by the British Library.

Balkan States Map (1921)

Map of India & South East Asia (1877)

This map shows British India and surrounding areas in 1877. A useful chart for collectors of British Empire and classic stamps.

Australia: Victoria and Tasmania Map (1935)

Post Office Archive

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The Chief Post Office Algiers, Algeria ( built 1910)

Often described as one of the most beautiful post offices in the World. Built by two French architects during the French colonial period in 1910, La grande poste d'Alger looks like a royal palace of the old dey (i.e. king) and in fact has always been a post office. The roof is a pearl.

Gibraltar Postcard: Waterport Street Post Office (1912)

This superb postcard depicts the Waterport Street Post Office in 1912. Boaters were obviously de rigeur for schoolboys...

Stamps of Uruguay: Montevideo Philatelic Exhibition (1927)

These sheets were issued for the Philatelic Exhibition in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1927. They featured the new General Post Office in Montevideo. Printed by Bradbury, Wilkinson and Company.

Penny Post Office, British Columbia, Canada (2012)

So what makes Penny famous? It is the only remaining town in Canada that the mail is delivered by train.

Rhodesian Study Circle

The Rhodesian Study Circle was formed in 1948 following advertisements in the philatelic press in England and South Africa by Wilfrid Nodder, inviting "collectors of the stamps of Southern and Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland" to join in forming a study circle. The aims were to encourage interest in the stamp issues, circulate information about varieties, flaws and postmarks and to write a handbook. A detailed history by A Drysdall and C M Hoffman to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the RSC is available free to members. Meetings and Events Regular meetings are held in: London, Manchester and Scotland. U.S.A.

Belgian Congo Study Circle


American Topical Association (ATA)

The American Topical Association (ATA) serves members in 65 countries. It is the largest philatelic society devoted to this specific area of stamp collecting. Organized in 1949, the ATA has over 56 years of service to its members.

Austria Philatelic Society (US) (AUSPS)