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Friday, October 9th

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Lundy Honours Trinity House

Strong winds, fog or pitch-black nights often constitute serious problems for shipping. To help mariners find the right course in stormy waters, lighthouses were built as early as in the 4th century before Christ.

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“Stamp Collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision


Postal History

Zeppelin Mail

From time to time, auction houses offer Zeppelin covers from the Belgian Congo. The price paid for such items is generally far higher than similar covers from the Netherlands or even Belgium - the reason being that between 1932 and 1939 only 15 flights carried mail originating from the Congo.

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Stamp Curiosities: Liberation of German Occupied Channel Islands (1948)

October is Stamp Collecting Month!

Stamp Curiosities: Tapping Rubber in Ceylon

Sarnia Stamp Club Canada

Stamps of Great Britain: Danger Mouse Cartoon Character (2015)

Stamps of Czechoslovakia: Lidice Anniversary (1957)

Stamps of Slovenia: A Delicious Slovenian Breakfast (2015)

Stamps of Crete: Provisional Overprints (1900-1901)