Stamps of Siam (Thailand): King Chulalongkorn Issue (1899)

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This attractive definitive set featured King Chulalongkorn (as did all issues during his reign from October 1, 1868 to October 23 1910). This is another

Stamps of Togo: 70th Stamp Anniversary (1967)

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This set of eight stamps celebrated Togo's 70th Stamp Anniversary, showing philatelic scenes and reproductions of Togo stamps. 5 fr. Philatelic auction 10 fr. Philatelic

Stamps of the Gambia: Queen Victoria Issues (1898)

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This article was written by well-known philatelic writer Fred Melville (1882-1940): On the 31st January, 1898, the following notice was issued in reference to the

Map showing Locations of St. Helena and Ascension in Atlantic

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This map shows the locations of both St. Helena and Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. Both these islands have strong philatelic followings...

St. Helena: Stamp Centenary (1956)

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Stamps of Czechoslovakia: Philatelic Exhibition (1937)

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This sheet (measuring 150 x 110mm) celebrated the philatelic Exhibition at Bratislava in 1937. Designed by K. Vik Released October 24, 1937

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