Rare Australian Decimal Stamp Variations

By David Mallen

Here are some of the decimal stamps that are hard to find – if they exist at all ! The personalised “Stamplet” This digitally-printed 55 x 55mm ‘minisheet’ containing a single 60c National Service Memorial


Post Offices of Tasmania: Franklin (2017)

By | 2 days ago|

This photograph shows the Post Office at Franklin in Tasmania, Australia. Many thanks to our intrepid photographer, Willy Cole, who sent us this image...

Stamps of Haiti: Aviation Week (1960)

By | 3 days ago|

This fine Miniature Sheet celebrated the Aeroport International Show in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo. Printed by Courvoisier, switzerland. Released Fecember 17, 1960

Stamps of France: International Railway Congress (1937)

By | 5 days ago|

This issue celebrated the 13th International Railway congress held in Paris in 1937. It featured: 30c. Electric Train 1 f. 50 Stream-lined locomotive Engraved by

Stamps of Saar: Marian Year (1954)

By | 6 days ago|

This attractive set of three stamps was issued in August, 1954 to mark the Marian Year. Many stamps issued by the Saar in both plebiscite

Stamps of Belgium: Anti-Tuberculosis Fund (1933)

By | 6 days ago|

This charity set from Belgium incorporated the Anti-T.B. symbol into its designs. The seven stamps supported the Anti-Tuberculosis Fund. Designed by J. Desmet. Engraved by

Stamps of Monaco: 33rd Monte Carlo Rally (1963)

By | 1 week ago|

This attractive stap celebrated the 33rd Monte Carlo Rally and depicted a route map from Paris. Designed by B. Minne. Engraved by R. Fenneteaux Recess

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