Portuguese Colonies: Nyassa – First through Fifth Issue (1898-1911)

|September 30th, 2014|

This article was written by Bertram W. H. Poole and first published in "Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News" Feb 25, 1911 Volume XXV, Number 8, Whole Issue Number 1052.

Post offices of Australia: GPO Melbourne (1911)

|September 29th, 2014|

This image shows the General Post Office in Melbourne, Victoria, as it was […]

Stamps of Denmark: Hans Christian Andersen (2014)

|September 29th, 2014|

This is the third year running that Post Danmark is issuing stamps featuring […]

Stamps of Faroe islands: D-Day Anniversary (2014)

|September 28th, 2014|

On June 6th 70 years have passed since the infamous D-day. The day […]

Stamps of St. Vincent: £1 Purple & Black (1938)

|September 28th, 2014|

The colonial meblem, showing female allegories of peace and justice, first appeared on […]

Stamps of Portugal: 1939 Azores Aircraft (2014)

|September 27th, 2014|

In May 1939, the Azores strengthened the importance of its ocean geographic position […]

Falkland Islands Stamps: George VI Issue (1952)

|September 27th, 2014|

This attractive issue, consisting of 14 stamps, was the final King George VI […]

Stamps of Great Britain: 10 Pence (1890)

|September 26th, 2014|

De La Rue typographed a bi-coloured series for Britain in 1887 and this […]

Stamps of Norway: Posthorn Issue (2014)

|September 25th, 2014|

Some years ago, Norway Post calculated that over 5 billion posthorn stamps had […]

Stamps of Pakistan: 10 Rupees (1947)

|September 25th, 2014|

The indian sub-continent was partitioned in August 1947, the predominantly Moslem areas becoming […]

U.S. Post Offices: Fargo, North Dakota (1908)

|September 25th, 2014|

This fine postcard shows the Post Office at Fargo, North Dakota in 1908.

Stamps of Hungary: Repatriation of Sevso Treasure (2014)

|September 24th, 2014|

The design of the block and its stamps shows the seven pieces of […]