Stamps of Luxembourg: Grand Duchess Charlotte Anniversary (1939)

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This Miniature Sheet celebrated the twentieth Anniversary of the Reign and Royal Marriage of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg. It featured: 2f. Vermilion: Prince Jean

Stamps of Siam (Thailand): King Bhumibol (1947)

By | 3 days ago|

With the recent death of Thailand's long-reigning monarch, King Bhumibol, we thought it appropriate to feature some of the sets from his reign. This is

Stamps of Victoria: Hospital Charity (1897)

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Although these issues paid postage at 1d. and 2 1/2d., they were sold at 1/- and 2/6 respectively and the balance was given to a

Stamps of Siam (Thailand): King Chulalongkorn Issue (1899)

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This attractive definitive set featured King Chulalongkorn (as did all issues during his reign from October 1, 1868 to October 23 1910). This is another

Post Offices of Tasmania: Hobart(1910)

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This attractive coloured picture postcard shows the Post Office in Tasmania, Australia in 1910. Note the horse-drawn double-decker trams (streetcars)!

Stamps of Togo: 70th Stamp Anniversary (1967)

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This set of eight stamps celebrated Togo's 70th Stamp Anniversary, showing philatelic scenes and reproductions of Togo stamps. 5 fr. Philatelic auction 10 fr. Philatelic

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